The Process of Creating a Video Game

If you are interested in how things work with developing a new video game, then you will be happy to learn more about the steps involved in the process. The most important thing here is to realize that from the first steps up to the final ones, this process is never an easy one to achieve while there are many people carrying out tasks of various levels of difficulty and of various natures.

As such you have to deal here with creativity, with technologies, with imagination, while digging deeper into the mind of the players, being ready to offer what they are looking for in a video game. Let’s take each step at a time for a better relevance of the process:

  • The concept of the game. This is the first step where the game cones in the form of an idea that is put down on paper. It comes with a theme that is further developed while passing through brainstorming run by an entire team of creative designers. This step will include also a sketching of the concept roughly visualizing the characters and the core features comprised in the video game.
  • The characterization is the next step where animation experts are engaged into translating the features and the personality of the characters in a 3D format. At this point, graphic designers are co-opted while every feature, gesture and movement of the characters are captured in a video version reflecting reality as much as it is possible and making them credible in front of the players.
  • The next step relates to the development of video game world. It is important for all those characters to move in a virtual world that determines the popularity of the game. This is an essential step because it defines how the creation process and the animation can easily fit in a reality that attracts players and keep them hooked up into the game.
  • Coding is the following step which entails the activity of computer programmers to make the characters of the video game be properly incorporated in the game world by using the complex coding system.
  • Testing comes as the final part of the video game creation process. At this point the game is ready to be released on the market but not being previously tested. It is the job of a video game tester or several of them, to decide how the particular game will capture the attention of the public. But do not think that it is all over and done here. It may happen with many video games to be tested and re-tested prior to pass the evaluation. At this stage every single detail comprised in the game is thoroughly examined to make sure that everything is there and no missing part or error is present.

Now there you have it: the video game process of creation is indeed a complex one and it is worth mentioning that many teams join together into ensuring that the product can reach the market as a successful video game.

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