8 Ball Pool

Facebook the most popular social networking site provides one of the best entertainments to its users, not only by providing several innovative features, but also by introducing some excellent online games like 8 Ball Pool. It is a game that any pool player would love to play for fun. The game is very popular and one of the top 10 games available on Facebook.

You can play tournaments and also with anyone who is online across the globe logged into the Facebook. You can change cues at will. You can earn points to get more boosts and you also can play for practice before tournaments.

Dragon City

What Is Dragon City About

Dragon City is a fun Facebook game about building a city. There are various activities in this game. You are guided by a Dragon Master to do various activities. These activities help in building a good environment for dragon’s to breed and live. You also feed the dragons. These activities are fun and easy to perform. This game is cute because of the small dragons you see while playing it.

More About Dragon City

This game is easy to understand and play. You are guided all the time while performing various activities. You do a lot of things in your city and see results.

Bejeweled Blitz

Everyone knows that Friday evening is the most irritating time to be in the workplace with a lot of work, but if you want to stay away from the boredom of your workplace then you may go ahead and play some online games to get some fun.

You can just log into the Facebook social networking sensation and go for Bejeweled Blitz. You can play this simple and interesting game for having fun in the Friday evening at your workplace. The only thing you have to remember that you should not by any chance post your game’s achievements on Facebook then everyone will come to know that you were playing online games in the office including your boss.